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21/05/2016 22:34:50
Re: staff need dialysis treatment and serious affect company operation

We have a permanent staff need dialysis treatment recent. But it was serious affect company operation due his dialysis treatment 3 day per week (company working day- 5 day per week ). He also unsuccessful provide medical certificate to company start from 11/04/2016 until 31/05/2016 although he verbally inform to department secretary.
We already give him first warning letter due his poor performance and attendance.
As a company, is that we can terminate his contract by use medically boarded out or any labor law can support the action taken by company ? What procedure can company do to handle this kind of case?
Is that necessary for company give 3 warning letter to staff before terminate their contract?
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KL Siew
22/05/2016 20:32:44
Terminating an employee because of his illness may not be a good idea. If you are think of medical boarding out, you can consult SOCSO for help.
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25/05/2016 09:05:49
Hi Mr Siew,

As a senior engineer ,his job need outstation few day for discussion. so company consider he not suitable to be work.
i already confirm with Labor office about we can use medically board out to terminate him but they do not give me a correct guidelines.just let me know if company terminate him, the staff can sue us and penantly is company need pay at least 24 month recent salary to him.
Can Mr Siew guide me how to handle this case?
Your cooperative is highly appreciate.

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KL Siew
25/05/2016 19:27:37
I have already told you it would not be a good idea to terminate his service because of that. If the company still wants to do it, so be it. I also told to consult SOCSO about medical board out. Meanwhile, you should consult the Industrial Relations Department about termination of employees and the possible consequences. .
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