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11/05/2016 11:31:39
Re: Jobscope

I was hired as Marketing cum Admin.
But half year later, my boss turned me into HR cum Admin.

and now, I think I become HR cum Admin cum Marketing cum Operations.
Anything I can do? so I can reject they give me jobs for Marketing and Operations.
Please advise.
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KL Siew
11/05/2016 15:36:19
Don't reject if i were you. Take the opportunity to gain working experience. Working experience in various fields may be useful for your future career advancement. Your resume will surely sound better and you are not going to work in this place forever I suppose.
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12/05/2016 10:13:43
i see.
i know that.

but workload keep increasing while salary remained since confirmation.
so can only source for new company for better offer.
typical small company practice, work all but no increment.
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KL Siew
12/05/2016 16:19:26
Yes, that should be the correct move.
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01/06/2016 12:01:47
Hi Mr Siew,

Can I request increment via letter?

But, they still have the right to say no?

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