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25/03/2016 22:53:47
Re: Reparation after resignation

I work as a sales & service assistant before I quick the company. When I'm in my job, I success to sell the product to my customer and I get the commission from company. But after that, the customer because of some private problem I help him to issue the termination and company have to return back the whole price of the product. The product is haven't despatch and install yet. After that, company ask me to paid back the whole price of the product but not commission. They also don't want to return the money that deduct from my monthly salary for the rolling stock since I already return the rolling stock. Can the company did this? What should I do now?
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KL Siew
26/03/2016 08:09:18
What you can do is to go to the Labour Department and consult the officer there see whether you can claim back the deducted salary.
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