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21/03/2016 07:48:57
Re: Early Release


I have tendered my resignation letter on 01.03.16 by giving 2 months advanced notice as stated in my confirmation letter. which means my last working day will be on 30.04.16. Theres are some points I wish to clarify if my employer decided to release me 1 month earlier, which is on 31.03.16, which I suspect this is what my bosses are planning to do. My basic salary is more than RM 3k but less than RM 5k and I work in FnB line.

1. Do my employer needs to pay my salary till 30.04.16?

2. I still have 4 days AL left. If my employer did have to pay me till 30.04.16, then my employer have to pay my AL separately or its included in the last month payroll?

3.Do my employer needs to pay me basic pay only or including the fixed allowance?

4. What can I do if they refuse to release me early without paying for another month salary?
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KL Siew
21/03/2016 12:23:35
Your employer has to pay you up 30 April, with salary plus fixed allowance plus leave balance. If the employer refuses to pay, you can bring the matter up with Labour Department. First, go and clarify with your employer about the payment.
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