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Lim PL
12/03/2016 21:19:34
Re: Show Cause Letter and Resignation Letter

My sister (manager in local company) got a show cause letter. She is thinking to reply the show cause letter and give her resignation at the same time.

Questions :
1) Since she resign can she serve her 2 months notice (as in her contact) and get paid it?
2) If her boss dont allow her to serve her 2 months notice and want her to leave at end month, is she entitled to get paid for the 2 months notice?
3) She still has some annual leave, will she get paid if she is asked to leave at end of the month?
4) Can her boss ask her to leave on the spot, not serve her 2 months and minus her annual leave?

Please help.
Thank you.
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KL Siew
13/03/2016 08:58:59
1. She can serve 2 months notice and work full during the 2 months.
2. Just serve the notice if she want. Don't bother whether the boss accept or not.
3. If she has annual leave, she must apply to clear it during the 2 months. If boss does not allow her to take, she must be paid for the leave balance.
4. If asked to leave immediately after serving the notice, the boss must pay for the 2 months and leave balance.
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