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12/03/2013 17:35:28
Re: Frustration of Contract

Hi Mr Siew

I have an employee who have been on medical leave for almost 6 months now and he claimed that he injured his back at his workplace and is aiming to claim Sosco. After investigation, we found out that the injuries that he had sustained was due to an road accident sometimes ago and Sosco has rejected his claim. We are not trying to assist him to get claim for the road accident. Question... if Sosco were to reject this claim again and he refuse to report back to work, can we frustrate his contract. If no, what else can we do ?

He has got another few years before retirement.

Thank you
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KL Siew
12/03/2013 21:53:04
Everything depends on the medical certificate, isn't it? If the MC certifies that he is able to work and refuses to return to work, he himself has broken the contract of service
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