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aw hann haur
11/03/2016 09:29:54
Re: company wipeout, not bankrupt !

company require wipeout.

when I go labour office, the staff cannot answer me alot of thing.

I need a professional ppl,
bcz company wipeout relate many thing,
bank loan,
supplier claim,
project claim,

some lawyer said employee not need paid when company wipeout,
some lawyer said need pay, from build up capital.
if need to pay, how to pay, what amount (every yr 2 week from start work until end ?)

it is banker/lawyer/labour office/legal/adjudicator to help us ?

thank you
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KL Siew
11/03/2016 17:10:41
If you are an employee and the company going bankrupt or under receivership owes you unpaid salary, you can then go to the Labour Department to lodge a claim for it. Refer to Priority of Wages Wages have priority over other unsecured debts.

For other items you mentioned, you may have to go through a lawyer. The Labour Department will not deal with other matters other than wages.
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