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25/02/2016 17:05:42
Re: staff claim SOCSO-hilang upaya kekal

1 staff claim SOCSO-hilang upaya kekal (2012 case)
the staff name still in our staff listing(treat her as our staff)

Question: how to take her out from our list legally follow labor law?

thank you.
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KL Siew
26/02/2016 11:31:44
You have to ask SOCSO what is her medical position and is there any chance of her resuming work.
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04/03/2016 14:02:40
We have a staff who had been in the the Hospital since Jan 25th due to a stroke.
Now she is undergoing physiotherapy in the hospital.
What is our obligation to her?
She is immobile and she needs wheelchair that means she will not be able to work at all .The stroke has affected her right side.
How long do we have to keep on paying her?
Meanwhile we would also like to ease her financial burden , can she make a claim from socso
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