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11/03/2013 05:45:17
Re: Contract Staff

Any contract staff whoes pay is more than 2K is no longer under EA and his/her benefits are at the decretition of the company regardless of the duration of contract, right?

The same apply to foreigner?
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KL Siew
11/03/2013 19:36:19
Not necessary at the discretion of the company. That staff should be able to negotiate the terms and not just accept whatever thrown at him. Always get all the terms and conditions properly discussed and put into the contract.
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12/03/2013 17:50:52
thank you
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12/03/2013 17:51:29
can we issue a foreigner with employment letter instead of contract agreement?
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19/05/2013 07:10:56
LOA sent by email consider official & valid?
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