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20/02/2016 19:55:45
Re: Wages

I am handling a contract at MAB. The workers are all Malaysian and their work hours are split. 8-12 in the morning and 7-11 in the evening. We've included hostel and transport from their hostel to the KLIA. We have 60 workers and we have to maintain at least 40 pax per shift. The problem now is, the daily attendance for both of those shift are 25-35 and for every single person that is absent, we are penalized RM 250. I don't understand their reason of absense though there are some who are on leave based on our duty rooster but the extra workers are taking unnecessary leaves for their own leisure. Is it possible if we want to penalize a certain amount from the employees ? Because we are incurring loss. The local workers are kind of laid off since we've given them accomadation and transport. Is there any way to penalize them ? Do I have to go through any procedures?
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KL Siew
22/02/2016 12:31:04
First of all, I think your split shifts working hours: 8am-12am and 7pm - 11pm, are not in order. Although you may think they only work 8 hours per day, but under the Employment Act, you may have to pay overtime. This may be something you don't know. I would strongly suggest that you pay a personal visit to the local Labour Department and discuss the issue before you start talking about how to penalize them.
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