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12/02/2016 11:12:46
Re: termination due to misconduct

Hi,im Rochelle.i had work with this company since april 2015.recently my manager had requested HR to give me a warning letter for lateness since october 2015-january 2016 in which they had given me a show cause letter on january 2016 and ask for explanation letter.after i tendered my explanation letter in a week time,HR call me on feb 2016 to inform that my explanation letter is not accepted and they will issue a warning letter which from what i understand (as per the HR) my manager wanted to remove me from this job by terminating me.

My Questions:
1.Can they do this to me?i know lateness should not be tolerated but i came in late a few minutes in which i will inform the manager if i am going to be late and work extra to replace the minutes of lateness.and i have improved since few months back.
2. I feel uncomfortable working with this company anymore and planing to tendered my resignation letter but,i need advice if giving my resignation letter is better or waiting for them to take an action against me.??(which they said they can terminate me As per the HR)i don't want to make a wrong move here.
**HR told me on january 2016 while giving my show cause letter that they will give my 2 warning letter in which they will issue 2 show cause letter followed by 2 warning letter.i have asked why but the answer is unreasonable.seems to me that they wanted to terminate me with misconduct and they want it done correctly by issuing all complete warning letter.

Thanks for helping..
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KL Siew
12/02/2016 20:48:57
Yes, the company can terminate your service for coming late for work. If you think you are not guilty of it and have done nothing wrong, you have the right not to resign but let the company take whatever action they want.
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