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10/01/2016 13:13:45
Re: new appointment letter needed after promote or demote?

1. if a person being promote or demote, do the person need to sign a new appointment letter or confirmation letter?
2. if the company did not issue a new appointment letter or confirmation letter and the new jobs descriptions after promote a worker; and the workers are giving overload tasks and and the end the company, if possible the company giving warning letter to the workers or termination letter to the workers after 7 years of working and reason is not in good performance and no report to the boss during vacation and Sunday. (actually is underpaid and overload task)
3. can a company promote or demote a worker as they like without any new appointment letter or confirmation letter?
4. if no new appointment letter or confirmation letter, do the worker's responsibilities job state as remain?
5. as a Manager (CCTV Engineer ) plus need to involve marketing work, human resource work and account department work too , Salary less than RM4k, is it underpaid?
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KL Siew
11/01/2016 12:21:29
Yes, you have to inform the staff in writing about the promotion and the salary he is going to receive and other new terms and conditions if any.
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