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08/01/2016 10:28:06

Happy New Year Mr.Siew.

We had issued a show cause letter to our HOD Account Department, pertaining of few complaints from her subordinates.

Please kindly advise on how is the next step if her explanatories are not accepted by the Management. Can we give her punishment, such as demoting her position, transfer, salary reduction, allowance forfeiting and others.

Thanks & rgds,

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KL Siew
08/01/2016 12:06:20
If there is misconduct involved, the next step may be to hold a domestic inquiry first before deciding what penalty to mete out. Refer to Section 14 of the EA for guidance.
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08/01/2016 17:18:15

May I know whether the following issues are considered as misconduct?

- Creation of moral pressure to subordinates
- Spread untruth information which may affect reputation of the company.
- Very rude when dealing with colleauges, suppliers and customers
- Uncooperative, very poor relationship with subordinates and others.
- Tend to demoralise subordinates by provide them untruth staff fringe benefits

Please advise and thanks.
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KL Siew
10/01/2016 09:03:31
They could be if the company has strong evidence to prove them during the domestic inquiry.
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