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08/01/2016 09:50:12
Re: Commision and Salary after resignation

I am a sales person and I tendered my resignation on 5th of November with 1 month notice
my last day of working will be on 4th of December. However, since i am still having up to 5 days annual leave up to November, i have quit on 30th of November. The thing is usually the commission for sales will be issue 1 month later. on 7th of January, i did not receive any commission that i have worked on November, as well as 4 days annual leave pay.( from 1st-4th December) Please let me know if i m actually entitled for November commission and the pay for the annual leave. If the amount is more than 2k for the commission, can i go for labour dept for it?
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KL Siew
08/01/2016 12:02:51
As your salary is more than 2K, the Labour Department may not be able to help you as you are not covered by the Employment Act. I am not so sure whether commission is payable to resigned staff. Anyway, if the amount involved is pretty large, you may consider consulting a lawyer see whether you can sue in court or not.
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30/01/2016 21:38:35
Can employer reduce employee salary year by year.? I'm in sales this time the management plan to reduce 50% of my salary and use commission to cover back the deduction. Awaiting advice from labour office
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