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Ms Wong
16/12/2015 13:22:33
Re: MC

hi,im have some sister working a company almost 6months.but her company just confirm her 3months ago.last month she taken 1day M.C.but didn't saw doctor just rest at home only.when end of month salary her boss deduct her 1day M.C RM 60.her monthly basic salary just RM 900 only.isn't unfair for my sister ? second her boss saying she now totally dont have medical leave & can not claim as well reason is need working till one year.after one year have this benefit.
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KL Siew
16/12/2015 15:10:47
Resting at home sick but without a MC will be treated as no pay leave. In order to get sick leave with pay, she must see a doctor and get an MC. She is still entitled to paid sick leave even if she has less than one year service. Her boss is wrong.
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