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14/12/2015 16:32:34
Re: MC

if the MC given is photocopy, does company has the right to request the original copy from staff?
we suspect the staff gave the fake MC which did amendments and the writings also different in that MC.

we're thinking to deduct AL if the staff couldn't provide us the original copy.

Please advise.
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KL Siew
15/12/2015 08:17:17
Of course, the original MC should be produced.
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16/12/2015 14:30:12
I requested from the staff already but the staff said her sister submitted to company because her sister takes leave to take care of her.

Can we still insist to get the original copy from her sister & company or at least snap the photo to us?

Please advise.
Thank you.

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16/12/2015 15:02:53
Heidi, I think you can ask the staff to let the doctor certify the photocopy of mc as true copy.
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