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12/11/2015 00:59:37
Re: Termination

Hi Mr Siew,
Our company is always operated with 2 main persons with assistants assisting in routine operation.
But currently one main person resigned and the company decided not to seek for another replacement. And because of this reason, more assistants is not needed and there is an issue of redundant manpower.
And hence we decided to terminate 1 of the assistant who only worked for us less than a year time.
We have no written offer letter given to this employee as we treated her as temporary worker and didn't expect her to stay that long.
So I wish to know is it lawful to terminate by one-month notice? Or is compensation is required by law in such situation?
Thanks for your help!
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KL Siew
12/11/2015 08:26:10
Of course you can have the right to terminate her service by giving notice and so on. But still, she also has the right to bring the matter up with the authorities. For instance, she may claim at the Industrial Relations Department that the termination was unfair and want to make a claim to get the job back.
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