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Sandra Koh
28/02/2013 09:16:26
Re: Contract of Service

Dear Siew

Append below is part of an employee's contract of service:

"We are pleased to offer you the above post based on a yearly contract commencing from 1st August, 2012 until 31st July, 2013 (“Contract Period”) and subject to the following terms and conditions.

Clause 7:
Renewal: The Firm shall have the right to renew your contract upon expiry of the Contract Period subject to fresh terms and conditions imposed by the Firm.

Clause 10:
Termination of Employment: Your employment may be terminated by either party with one (1) month’s notice or payment in lieu of notice without specific reasons being given."

1) I would like to know whether we can give a notice letter of non-renewal around June 2013 (one month notice) to that employee of our intention to not renew his contract beyond the Contract Period?

2) Can we also not provide any reason as to why the Firm is not renewing the employee's contract?

3) Is the employee's non-renewal of contract justified and bona fide?

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KL Siew
28/02/2013 14:13:57
Well, if any party thinks the terms and conditions of the offer are not acceptable, don't accept the offer or negotiate for better terms and conditions before signing the acceptance.
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