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Janet plural
26/10/2015 19:18:11
Re: Employer holding my passport

Hello,,i am janet,from philippines,,i just want to know if
1)does any employer have rhe right to keep our passport while working for 2yrs?
2)in my 1year employment and in my contract written that i can take a vacation after a year of employment ,and nothing to pay any cents to employer.
3)the employer ask us to give her a cash deposit of 3,500myr and a 2,500 payment for my working visa for my 2nd year,if i want to take a vacation leave after a year to make sure that in coming back,and if not,she can have my money from mr3,500,my deposit and the mr2,500, for my 2nd tear working visa ,a total of 6,000myr,,
Can anyone tell me if she has all the rights to do this?can i insist to get back my passport ?
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KL Siew
30/10/2015 09:34:33
Consult the Immigration Department see whether they can help you.
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