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20/10/2015 00:10:43
Re: Annual Leave

Hi sir,

I join this company on June 2015. Probation is 6months. They said Annual leave can't carry forward to next year however I havent over my probation period yet and I cant apply AL now too. If really wait for me to over the probation period it might be next year January, and my manager said my AL for this year will be burn because can't carry forward. For Labour Laws in Malaysia, am I still entitled the 6-7days AL? The company is it need to keep my AL(June2015-Dec2015) and return to me by next year when I over my probation period although is from 2015 carry to 2016.

Waiting for ur reply. Thanks.
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KL Siew
20/10/2015 14:12:58
You should consult your HR department about your leave entitlement. I don't know whether your manager gave you the correct information when he said your this year's will be burnt. If they say if will be forfeited, then they should allow you to take your leave this year.
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23/10/2015 02:10:25
I already asked HR department and they said I have my AL although I'm still under probation, is just only can apply next year. I do not know where my manager get those wrong information from. Anyway, Thanks for ur replying. Take care.
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