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29/08/2015 15:23:57
Re: can company hold someone's incentive after he resign

the incentive is for salesman(me)achieve sales target for the month April&May and the principal company give to the distributor/my former company but company hold my incentive after i resign.The incentive of May still on hold due to the reason customer issue DN wrongly deduct to company.well,since the DN not issue by me what can i do?second,this is incentive and not commision which depends on collection,and last they already hold for three months.Wanna ask if these actions is legal for a company to do that?
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KL Siew
01/09/2015 17:07:33
If the amount of incentive held back is large, you can go to the Labour Office and make a complaint about it. Let the Labour Office look into it.
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