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25/08/2015 18:09:30
Re: Recruitment agency charges after resignation - less than 180 days

Hello guys, I would like to ask whether its legal for recruitment agencies to impose an introduction fee of 2x amount of your total month package plus tax once u have resigned before 180 days. It is stipulated in the candidate info form in fine print and was not mentioned verbally. According to the 'private employment agency act 1981', recruitment agencies are not allowed to do so once the hiring company has paid them the recruitment fee. I was just wondering, is this true? If in any situation they decide to use the candidate info form against you, is that possible under the malaysia labour law? Or we can choose to ignore them?My sister is caught in this situation n she is devastated. She is not happy with the new job and at the same time, the recruitment agency has threatened to take action if she were to resign. It's very unfair for agencies to do that since she never know how the particular job will turn out to be, and especially when the company has paid them in full. The company do not have any bonding clause, termination is subjected to 1 month notice. Please advise. Cheers
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KL Siew
26/08/2015 14:33:01
I heard that there is in fact such a practice because the employer will only pay the agency fees only after the employee recruited by the agency work for at least 3 months. Otherwise, if the employee quits before the period, the agency may not be able to get their money from the employer. That's what I heard.
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