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19/08/2015 18:50:11
Re: Resigning during maternity period

Hi Mr.Siew,

How do we handle salary payment if staff commencing her maternity leave on 13th July'15 until 13th Sep'15 but, she tendered her resignation on 10th August'15 by giving one month notice as stated in her letter.

Please kindly advise.

Thanks & regards,

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KL Siew
20/08/2015 08:50:10
I think it is up to you whether to pay or not. Actually, since she does not want to work anymore, there is not much meaning to want her to service one month notice only after maternity leave, work one month and leave. If the company agrees, may as well pay the full maternity allowance and start looking for a new staff to replace her. Tell her the company's stand about her notice.
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20/08/2015 10:15:01
Thank you Mr.Siew
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