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18/02/2013 13:31:24
Re: Difference between Employment Act 1955 and Labour Law?

I'm confused. Can you clarify the difference between EA and the Labour Law? Is it right to say that EA covers employee earning RM2000 and below per month and Labour Law covers employee earning up to RM5000 per month?
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KL Siew
18/02/2013 14:03:13
No, that is not correct. "Labour Law" is just a general term that may include other laws pertaining to employment that the EA, IR Act, Trade Unions Act and so on. If you want to know the labour law of the country, read up the EA, IR Act, Trade Unions Act, EPF and SOCSO Act. You should be very OK if you are familiar with them.
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25/03/2013 09:17:14
difference between Employment Act 1955 and Industrial Relations Act 1967
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