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02/06/2015 12:16:08
Re: Annual Leave

Hi Mr Siew,

My Marketing Executive was joined us on 04th Aug'14 under 6 months probation period which will due on 03rd Feb'15. However, his probation period was extended further due to his performance.

On 01st Apr'15, we verbally informed him that his confirmation is effective with an increment and the letter is ready. However, before he sign the letter of confirmation after he come back from outstation on beginning of May'15, he decided to resign by giving 1 month notice because he said have not sign the confirmation letter yet.

In his letter of employment, all confirmed employees shall be given 2 months notice. Also, we already paid him, his new salary and some other benefits in Apr'15 payroll.

End up, my boss agreed to let him serve 1 month notice and we didn't plan to deduct back all new salary package already paid him. But now, he is asking back his pro-rated leave, i.e. 10days from 04th Aug'14 until his last service day on 05th Jun'15.

Please advise whether he still entitle for his pro-rated leave.

Thanks & regards,
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KL Siew
02/06/2015 17:23:38
Yes, he should be entitled to prorated leave. Anyway, it would be better for you to consult the Labour Department to get an official ruling.
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