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26/05/2015 23:31:43
Re: what laws is protected for property agent


I'm jean, a sales negotiator with basic salary employed under a property agent company for selling property. When first interview was said that salary and commission is provided for my employment and will be given offer letter and black and white for commission scheme. Interviewed by manager and assistance manager(CEO brother).

After started work on September 2014, offer letter was given but commission scheme letter was not given.

Work is done for September, monthly salary is given full on October for September salary , but salary slip is not given, EPF is not given.

In the month of October, work is done for October, salary is given partially for October salary and is after 7th of November, the remaining balance of October salary is given almost the end of months of November , same EPF is not given and payslip is not given.

In the month of November, work is done for November. partial salary of November is given after the 7th of December and the remaining balance is given on earlier of January. Same EPF is not given, salary slip is not given.

In the month of December, work is done for December. Full salary of December is given after the 7th of January 2015. Same EPF not given, payslip not given. My manager resigned on January.

In the month of January, work is done for January. Full salary of January is given earlier of February, not after 7th. Same EPF is not given and payslip is not given.

In the month of February, work is done for February. Full salary of February is given earlier of March, not after 7th.Same EPF not given, salary slip not given.

In the month of March, work is done for march. Partially salary of March is given after 7th of April. My General Manager is not responding after that. Situation is shared with Assistant Manager(CEO brother) and due to some emergency , i had advance a month of my salary from the company. The remaining of the March salary is not receiving from the company throughout the month of April as the General Manager is not responding to the communication and MIA(Missing in Action). Same EPF not given. Due to some reason, i need payslip for some application, upon request , payslip is given for January, February and March.

In the month of April, work is done for April. Full salary of April is given after 7th of May. EPF is given, salary slip is given.

[In the month of may, work is done for may.( current month situation, to be continue)]

As all this period of September to December, the commission letter is followed up with my manager. After he resigned on January, i follow up all the issue such as commission letter and salary with the assistance sales manager(CEO brother) and the General Manager.

After many follow up, request and reminding. the commission letter is agreed to be given by the General Manager but is keep on dragging and dragging and had not receive until he is MIA. After shared story with the sales assistant manager( CEO brother), has informed that he has shared the situation happened with the Lady Director( CEO wife, company is manage by her all the while) and has agreed to take up the responsibility from the General Manager, also agreed that the commission letter will prepare and given to me, but yet i had not receiving any letter as up to date.

All this while i had do sales, and had cases signing S&P but yet i had not receive any commission yet. i had about 10 or more cases had sign S&P, and about 10 or more cases is under processing.

As for my situation, i strongly need advise and solution to handle the situation.

Question related to the situation:
1. what should i do?
2. am i being protected?
3. Can i get my commission back?
4. After all this situation i've been through, was considering resign from the company. if i have resign already. am i able to get back what i should be getting and my commission??

Question not related to the situation:
5. if im a property agent without any basic,am i being protected? how should i protect myself?

Thank you
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KL Siew
27/05/2015 09:17:55
I think you better go personally to the Labour Department and discuss the matter in greater details with the officer there. Bring along the employment contract.
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27/05/2015 13:55:09
Thanks for your advise Siew..
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