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23/05/2015 13:50:45
Re: Annual Leave

Hi Siew,

If I work from 9 Feb'2015 to 23 May' 2015, although I still haven't get any confirmation letter from customer, can you please teach me how to calculate the annual leave that the company should pay me after I resign?
I never take any annual leave before. Always I have to apply unpaid leave when I need to on leave. My annual leave is 10 days per annum.

The boss told me that employee is not entitle to any annual leave before confirmation. Is this statement correct?

What is the action that I can take ?
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KL Siew
23/05/2015 14:34:13
You can go and make a complaint at the Labour Department about it.
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23/05/2015 15:09:42
Noted. Thanks Siew!
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