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05/05/2015 18:02:17
Re: Delayed Salary

I am a Project Manager in one company.
Already resign and having 3 months of notice period.
During the notice period my boss keep accusing me for delaying the projects.
Giving me a lot of warning letter (2 on hand now)
My boss (CEO) sent me an email to threaten me and verbally said to me "if you delay my project, I will delay you something."
Verbally told me that will delay my payment.
Now he purposely on hold my cheque and does not want to give it to me. Others already have the cheque last month. Please advise what should I do other than report to Labour Department.
My salary less than 5000.
In my offer letter does not indicate that company can on hold or delay my salary. As I does not have any commissions if project close.
Please help me
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KL Siew
06/05/2015 09:17:08
Just try to give your best in getting the project completed during the 3 months, that's all. Otherwise, there is no choice than to bring the matter up with the Labour Department.
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