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21/04/2015 19:23:40
Re: Company cease operation during pregnancy

I'm currently pregnant 34 weeks. My company decided to cease operation by end of Apr and requested us to stop work this month. This is my 10th working month in this company. My employer refuse to pay my maternity leave as they claimed I have stopped working before I labor, so I'm not eligible to get the maternity coverage as my salary is more than 5k. Is that true? Pregnant lady is not protected under any Malaysia law? If employer need to pay for my maternity leave, EPF and Sosco should included as well rite? What is the rite process I should pursue? Pls help. Thanks
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KL Siew
22/04/2015 08:43:14
As your salary is more than RM5K, you are not covered by the Employment Act, and as such getting maternity allowance will be a problem and the Labour Department will not have the power to help you. Check your appointment letter see whether there is a clause about maternity benefit. If there is one stating the company does provide you with such benefit, you may consult a lawyer if there is a case for you to sue.
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12/05/2015 23:11:30
Hi Siew,
Thanks. Finally after negotiation, company agreed to pay for my maternity allowance. However, instead of using company bank check, my employer will use his personal bank check to pay the maternity allowance with reason given settlement he wants to avoid answering to auditor for releasing such a big amount when business end. I'm hesitate whether should I accept his personal check as payment for my maternity allowance since this is more on company matter. Will you pls help to share your thought? Thanks!
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