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siao cs
21/04/2015 16:56:23
Re: close down branch and ask to trf to HQ

I have received a letter from our HQ informing that the management decided to close down the branch that I currently work with due to cost cutting. I am ask to report duty to HQ in KL by 1/6/2015.
If i reject their arrangement, is it possible to get any compensation scheme? I have been work for 8 yrs.
Can a company close their branch and ask all staffs at branch to move over to HQ in KL to avoid paying compensation?

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KL Siew
21/04/2015 18:50:33
1. Where is your present station and in what position?
2. In your contract of service or company handbook, is there a transfer clause. If there is one, what does the clause say? Quote word by word.
3. Your reasons for wanting to reject the transfer?
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siao cs
22/04/2015 11:08:35
Dear Ms Siew,
1. my current station in Sarawak. Position is Branch Manager.
2. letter offer and handsbook not mention on staff branch request to move to HQ. Not at all.
3. I'm a mother of 3 kids, my husband having his business in swk, it is impossible for me to move along to HQ which will affect my family and financial.

Ms Siew, what should i need to respond to the letter of closing down and request to report duty to HQ on 1/6/2015?

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KL Siew
22/04/2015 12:17:54
In that case, I would suggest that you pay a personal visit to the Industrial Relations Department and discuss the issue with the officer there.
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