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14/04/2015 10:37:45
Re: Terminate Employee During Pregnancy


We have an employee who are still under probation where she is now pregnant about 2-3 months already. Recently, she told HR department that her gynae doctor has advised her to rest at home for a long period due to his pregnancy.
As an employer, we can't afford to take the risk and we also can't assess her work performance. Now she also, quite frequently taking sick leave due to this reason.

Due to this reason, can the employer terminate the employee who are still under probation period?

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KL Siew
14/04/2015 14:30:31
Terminating her service for that reason may not be a good option. Try to discuss your problems with her first see whether you can convince her to leave voluntarily to take care of her health and for the good of the company. Meanwhile before you do anything, you may discuss with her gynae about her actual conditions, don't take her words for it yet.
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