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09/04/2015 08:28:52
Re: termination

Dear Mr Siew

Despite already given him a chance to change, verbal advice and written letter stated that should he repeat again company have the right to terminate him. and he was agreed.

He repeat again sometime didn't see him in the work place.

Can the employer terminate the worker without notice due to discipline problem. Or should we give 1 mth notice to him?
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KL Siew
09/04/2015 11:39:59
You better hold a domestic inquiry according to M:Section 14 of the EA before you make your final decision what to do with him.
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Marzah H
06/01/2019 18:23:04
Can employer terminate the employee after
unsuccesor 3 months "Performance Support Plan"

What action employee need to take.
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