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23/03/2015 15:53:42
Re: termination & VSS procedure

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have some question regarding termination & VSS procedure. I work with my current company more then 7 years. Recently my performance not very well and two year my superior rate me Band 4 in my annual performance score ( Band 3 is average). I afraid if more then two years rate me Band 4, company will terminate me. I would like to obtain information, if company terminate me, any allowance obtain. Currently my job scope is not under Union Law. Any effect if still can obtain VSS?

May I know if keep score 4, what actions will be taken? Actually I know superior will do monthly analysis on my job performance. I don't know the procedure yet because not start yet.

May I know if performance not good, what action company can take and impact me and what action I can do to protect myself?

Just frankly speaking, I obtain OKU since two years ago. Company can take any action regardless of OKU service, right?

If need further information, please let me know. Thanks a lot!
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KL Siew
23/03/2015 16:35:12
If you are covered by the Employment Act (meaning your salary is not more than RM2000) you can read up Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits)Regulations for information about termination benefit. If you are not covered, you may first have to see what is the offer of your company for you to take up the VSS and its terms. You can of course negotiate for better terms with the company if the offer is not that attractive.
Meanwhile you can visit the local Industrial Relations Department or the Labour Department to get insight of your case.
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23/03/2015 19:37:20
My salary is over RM 2000, so I need contact telephone list to ask details for my case, right? So no email for contact, right?
Actually VSS is up to company offer this service, right? Not every company will offer this service if company want to terminate employee, right?
Thanks a lot for your advice because I not sure where to seek yet.
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KL Siew
24/03/2015 11:16:22
Go to the Industrial Relations Department for help. Ask the telephone operator about the department's telephone number.
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26/03/2015 11:16:43
Hi, you mean contact below information, right?
Industrial Relations Dept
03-8886 5460

Actually I thought have email contact more easy, but seem need to call personally. If you have idea, can let me know. Thanks!
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29/03/2015 16:11:45
Hi Siew,

Please kindly update me when you free. Thanks a lot!
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