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LV Yap
16/03/2015 11:33:37
Re: Transfer of department to other country notification & expecting dismissal

Hi Sir,

Im currently an Group IT Mgr with company for past 4yr 3mth.

I'd been inform lately company structure chg will move entire ERP to China, and my position will be redundant here.

Advise from my superior to submit a resignation letter and serve 3 mth notice, since no VSS will be offer by company.

May i know...
1. Should I resign?
2. Since employment letter stated 3 mth in lieu notice by any party, does this means with this i'm obligated to this ?
3. What should I do for this notice to me?

Hope to get your professional advise soon.

Tx & Br
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KL Siew
16/03/2015 13:24:01
Don't resign on you own. If you do you may lose your rights. Let them retrench you if they want..
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LV Yap
16/03/2015 13:51:00
Hi Mr. Siew,

Tx for your prompt reply.
If i were to just wait for them to retrench me, what is going to be hapend?

Will there give me a Termination Letter to ask for my dismissal?
If Yes, what is next that i should do?

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KL Siew
16/03/2015 16:23:30
If you have got the retrenchment letter or termination letter, you can seek redress at the local Industrial Relations Department. Meanwhile, before anything concrete happens, you can pay a visit to the Industrial Relations Department and discuss you case with the officer there and get some insight of the case.
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