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12/03/2015 10:55:52
Re: IC

We understand that there is a change, wherein it is now mandatory for all employees to have either the IC No or Passport No, to be included for processing in payroll.

We have also been informed that old IC number is now obsolete and should not be used. As we currently have Clients with few employees having Old IC number instead of New IC number, request you to please advise on the below:

When is the change effective from and if there will be any extension given to employers for implementing this?
Is it mandatory for employees to have IC/Passport number to be processed/paid in payroll (for reporting purpose)?
Is it acceptable to ignore this field and process salary for employee?
Is it acceptable for employees to have only Old IC number, if no, what is the alternative/next steps (i.e. how can an employee to pertain a new IC no.)?

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KL Siew
12/03/2015 11:21:13
You mean to say, they are still holding their old identity cards and no new IC? Although for payment of salary may not be a problem within the Admin, but without new IC, there can be problems when if comes to EPF and SOCSO contributions. You can contact the Registration Department about issuance of ICs.
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12/03/2015 17:14:59
Here are some further information for your better understanding the query.

Our system vendor SAP has recently released a note that request all employee to have a new IC/Passport number before they can be processed in the monthly payroll, thus for those without such a number, the payroll will not be processed. When we checking with them, they notify us that upon the legislation it is mandatory for an employee to have such a number before an employer can pay him.

Thus we just want to understand
1. If it is a new requirement or not
2. If it is true that an employee must have an IC/Passport number before an employer can pay him/her
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KL Siew
13/03/2015 09:30:07
I don't know about that. I am very surprised that you vendors have been using only old IC numbers for wages payment.and now only asking for new IC numbers!
If you don't want SAP to have the new IC requirement, talk to them to make the new field as optional field. The workers are only interested in getting their salary and they don't care whether you want old or new numbers.
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