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Sim Chuan Chew
25/02/2015 18:31:05
Re: Annual Leave

i working more than 5 years but i nvr apply annual leave that my annual leave suppose to be brought forward or my boss should pay me every end of year ??
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KL Siew
26/02/2015 08:40:51
You should apply to clear all your available leave every year. You must be aware that leave accumulated more than one year, can be forfeited. Only when you apply to take leave and your employer does not approve it, then he should pay you for it.
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Uncle K
05/03/2015 16:50:46
Employees should take leave in the year in which it accrues so that leave entitlement do not accumulate. Employees are not permitted to accumulate leave entitlement in excess of two years. Only in exceptional circumstance should employees allow to over-draw their entilement. Such cases shall be approved by the company management. Except in the case of cessation of employment, no employee shall be allowed to encash leave entitlement.
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