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23/02/2015 17:54:29
Re: Report of stock gain

I have one question on how to report the stock gain in yearend reporting.

We have a scenario that an employee should get a stock gain in December 2014 and in the same month the employee is terminated, while the client miss the payment.

In February 2015, they found such an issue, and file such stock gain in the CP39 of February 2015.

In such case, can we file such stock gain the Year end filing of Y2014 which is to be filed in March Y2015 as the tax is already be filed in February 2015? (I think the key point is that if by filing the CP39 for this employee is IRD able to classify such tax/taxable income into the income of Y2014, and do they allow employer/employee to file such income together with the Y2014 yearend filing)

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KL Siew
24/02/2015 08:21:32
I think you should consult your company accountant for clarification.
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