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15/02/2015 16:52:52

Dear All,

I would like to seek advice on the below matters:

I'm currently working as a sales rep (basic salary RM2000) in a distribution company. For a distribution company, our survival is largely based on the continuation of principal partnership with usExample, if the principal terminates the contract with us the distributor, we as the sales rep might lose our job if our company couldn't relocate us to another dept.

I have worked in this company for approx. 10 years and recently our management has just informed us that our principal has terminate contract with us. As such, our management has reached an agreement with the principal company: Principal company agrees to absorb all sales rep to their company, and continue working as a sales rep. Our seniority will be transferred as well. (ie, I have work in this distribution company for 10 years, going to the principal company this year will consider me as working as 11th year).

This termination news have deeply affected us and most of us the team members would like to seek advice: are we entitled for a VSS from our current company? Our view is, we are being terminated involuntarily from our current company and though principal company agrees to offer us a job, however, this principal company is still consider as another separate entity right? We understand that we are not entitle for a VSS our current company is able to offer us a job/relocate within the company.

Hope to hear anyone advice on this matter soon.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
16/02/2015 08:41:45
First and foremost, I would suggest that you read up the Employment (sTermination and Layoff Benefits)Regulations

Under the Regulations 4(2), employees who are offered employment with the new employer may not be qualified for the benefits.

You can also personally go to the local Labour Department and discuss the matter with the officer there and get some official views of your case.
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