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13/02/2015 14:44:59
Re: Dismiss by employer informed that due to retirement age

Hi, could anyone help me to solve this kind of problems, I need any comment or advice for dismiss by employer due to retirement age problem, may i know some detail as follows:-

1) According to Malaysia labour law, what is the actual retirement age?

2) If haven't reach the retirement age dismiss by the employer under the probationary period, what action should I take? Could I get an extra pay or benefit?

3) If reach the retirement age level, whether the employer has the rights to dismiss the employees? If the economic background of employees is very poor and he still intends to continue work even though he reached the retirement age level, will he still could continue to work within the company ?

Thank you.

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KL Siew
13/02/2015 18:16:29
I would suggest you quickly go to the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department and lodge a complaint there if your salary is not more than RM2000. If your salary is more than RM2000 and not a manual worker, you have to go to the Industrial Relations Department, not the Labour Department.
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