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25/01/2013 16:29:48
Re: Overtime & unpaid leave

Dear Sir

I have an admin staff who earns more than RM1,500 and therefore is not covered by EA 1955. Her working days are from Mon-Fri (9am - 5pm).

Previously, when she had to work 1 day's overtime on a Saturday, we paid her 1 day's salary, calculated by dividing her monthly salary over 20 days.

However, recently after utilising her annual leave, she took 1 day's unpaid leave. I would have thought that I should also divide this over 20 days (keeping with the same policy as overtime) when calculating the deductions from her salary. However, some people seem to think that I should deduct her unpaid leave by calculating over 31 days (which are the number of calendar days for that particular month).

The contract is silent as to how these should be calculated. We would like to set a proper company's policy on these calculations. Please advice. Thank you!
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KL Siew
25/01/2013 19:51:59
1. For your info, effective 1st April, 2012, the ceiling has been raised from RM1500 to RM2000.

2. For unpaid leave, you may use your own method of calculation. However, it would be better to let your policy on calculation known to the employees before hand.
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23/02/2013 12:31:53
If one of my supervisor with pay less than rm2000, does the still have to pay OT? If yes, pls advice on the normal rate and PH rate. If she is working on PH for 8 hours, how should the company pay her.
Pls advice, thanks
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