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27/01/2015 14:39:57
Re: short notice

I have been working for only 2 weeks and my employer gave me one week notice for my termination . I have decided to stop working the very day I received the notice as I felt the reason given were not reasonable.So will I be getting the 2 weeks pay or do I have to pay
them for the short notice?
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KL Siew
27/01/2015 16:31:12
You seem to have made things complicated by stopping immediately. You should have made a complaint at the Labour Department first. Now, you better consult the Labour Department as I am not so sure what will be the actual outcome as to who is right and who is not.
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li ching
08/02/2015 10:05:22
Im Sarawakian, now im working at JB, I did sign employment letter 2 year need to work of them, last month I give resign letter for 1mth notice but the com did want to accept, im not happy working at there,that why im asking resign, the thing im not satisfy I don't have overtime paid , I work whole mth no it paid, one day work more than 8 hrs, now I just did not give any notice, I just ran away, nw the com said want to report police? I did not do any wrong? So what the advice?
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