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see yuen
24/01/2015 12:04:59
Re: no special salary in public holidays, no epf, company give salary without according to the law

i am 18 years old and i work in a restaurant for part time. ( i need to complete my university as i am waiting for the spm result now). i start working when 25/12/2014. at first, we need to punch card before starting work and after working.the company offers me RM 7 per hour and the business hour is 4.30pm until 10.30pm no matter weekdays or weekends.all worker can take one off day( choose from monday until Thursday ) but they don't allow worker to take off day if our off day crash with public holiday. they also didn't offer double or triple salary for us although we work for company when public holiday. and after two weeks we start for work, around 10/1/2015, the business hour for weekdays is still the same (4.30pm-10.30pm), but for weekend is 12.30pm-10.30pm. but after a few days, the people in charge told us our salary for full time is RM1000 per month and the salary for the extra 4 hours in weekends (12.30pm-4.30pm) will be discussed later.we no need to punch card anymore and we also can shift our off day to other days if our off day crash with public holiday.But at the end, i was fired by the company when 17/1/2015 with the reason the business for the restaurant in not so good but this is not the real reason.

** from 25/12/2014 until 17/1/2015, i worked for 23 days. I only take one off day in this period as the worker in restaurant is left only two person, included me. in this 23 days, i worked 20 days for normal weekdays business hour(4.30pm-10.30pm) and 3 days for weekend business hour( 12.30pm-10.30pm).
Until now(24/1/2015), i haven't get my salary yet. i ask for the people in charge, she said my salary will be calculate by RM1000 divide by 26 and times my working days( means 23 days). i ask for how about the extra 4 hours in every weekend, she said the full time working hours per day is 8 hours, that means i did work 2 hours more for 3 days. 6 hours will be calculated by RM7 per hour.

is this fair to me ???
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KL Siew
25/01/2015 09:13:34
What you should do now is to go personally to the local Labour Department and make a complaint about your sacking and also about any salary that they owe you.
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See Yuen
25/01/2015 10:41:00
but the company said that they will take action too if i go to do something.
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KL Siew
26/01/2015 08:41:24
Yes, both can do that. Just let the Labour Department look into the matter and decide who is right and who is not right.
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