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22/12/2014 18:28:32
Re: Resignation and Request of Early Release

Dear Mr Siew,

I have a situation I am not so clear. Before I ask question, let me explain to you what / how my case are

1. I tendered my resignation on 13th October, 2014
2. My noticed of termination is 3 months
3. I have 19.5 days annual to off set
4. After the tender of resignation, I wrote in to request to off set all my annual leave and on top of it, I request for early release.
5. Company HR replied me an official letter stated that they accept my request of early release and off set of my annual leave

As such, HR representative call me to discuss on my last day of service and also the calculation of my salary

HR told me, my letter of resignation dated 13th October and the my letter stated this resignation effectively on 14th October 2014. So they told me my last day shall be 15th January 2015. Is this calculation correct? I told the I agreed my last day is 13th Jan. But no matter how I calculate, I don't understand why 15th Jan? Please advise..

2nd, After deduct all my leave (19.5 days). My last day of service shall be 15th December ( FYI, I agreed on this calculation) After that, I request for early release for 1 month which is 14th November. HR had replied me a letter stated Approved and Accept. During that discussion, we all understand the from 15th Nov, 2014 until 15th Dec 2014, I will not get paid. But from 16th dec 2014 until 13th Jan 2015 , I should get pay due to I off set my leave and they had AGREED on that.

But last week, when I went back to my ex firm to get my pay. HR told me that I didn't work full 3 months, now they want me to compensate 1 month salary ( for 15 Nov 2014 to 15 Dec 2014) to my ex firm. Is that logic?

My argument with them are simple.

1. I wrote in to request for early release, and they replied me accepted and approved ( I did keep that letter). In that letter. they never mentioned about the compensation at all. How could they ask us to compensate 2 months later? If they not allow me to early release, they can reply me NOT approve and I will continue work until 15th Dec 2014. In what sense they blame me after 2 months?

Can you give me some advise? Or any Government Dept I can goes to file a complain?

FYI: My wages more than 5K

Thank in advanced.

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KL Siew
23/12/2014 08:57:21
Since your salary is more than 5K, you may not be able to bring the matter up with the Labour Department. Try to get the matter sorted out amicably with the company.
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