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Ms Tan
20/12/2014 12:18:58
Re: Homebased Copywriter

Hi Mr Siew,

Due to our recent company restructuring , our homebased copywriter is required to work in the office instead of at home. Fyi, he is required to come in to office once a week as per employment agreement.

The staff decided to quit from our employment by given his one month resignation notice. He sent us his resignation notice via email and indicated that he will not come in to office until his last service day. All assignment shall be completed and email to us directly upon receipt of his last pay.

He doesn't want to pick up our call at all and we just email him to request him to handover his assignment directly to his superior in the office. We will ready the cheque for his last pay and will release to him upon viewing the assignment.

However, he refused to come in to our office because he said not free. He insisted us to banking the cheque to him before he pass us the assignment. Also, he insisted that we must pay him before 7th according to labour law.

So, now the issue is still pending.

Could you please kindly advise us on any solution for this kind of issue.

Many thanks & regards,

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KL Siew
21/12/2014 08:48:20
I think just pay him the way you have been doing before.
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Ms Tan
22/12/2014 14:46:38
Hi Mr Siew,

Payment shouldn't be a problem at our end. We just worry after we pay him and he didn't hold his promise to pass us the assignment and also, the assignment really need to deal face to face.

Anyway, thank you on your advise.

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