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10/12/2014 10:49:51
Re: is compulsory leave legal???

when chinese new year or raya puasa, company force to take compulsory leave 3-4 days, so in one years 6-8days annual leave will be minus. is this legal???
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KL Siew
10/12/2014 12:39:05
If the company does not close, the workers may still want to take leave. If the majority do not mind that practice, you may as well follow. If you really don't want to take leave, let your employer know about it, hope he can give you some work during the new year. Or, you can make a complaint at the Labour Office see what they say about it.
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28/01/2015 11:01:52
is there any emergency leave stated in labour law, cases like flood, if an employee taking leave for a week due to flood, which include cleaning job at home, can we deduct his pay as unpaid if he is not entitle for any leave?
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