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11/11/2014 14:44:53
Re: Pay leave after resignation


FYI, I have tendered my resignation on 11/8/2014 which my company required 3 months notice. So, my last working day shall be 11/11/14 but after clearing my leave of 15 annual and 13 replacement leave my last working day shall be 30/9/ 2014 which included 2 public holiday which are 6/10 - Hari raya Haji and 23/10 Deepavali.

However, my company didnt pay me my salary on 3/11/14 which normally they pay on 30th of the month. When I called HR, they told me they missed out from the list and will pay me immediately. But i only received it on 7/11/14 and some more the salary is 3,709 instead of 5000 which is a full month salary.

Once I called HR, they told me company not allow me to clear leave instead they only pay me salary of 23 days as my last working day is 30/9 instead of 11/11. But there shouldnt be a minus of 4 days leave. Even if they pay me 23 days but my salary is still short. Then they told me the company calculate my salary as:

5000 / 31 days = 161.29
161.29 x 23 days

But in labor law it suppose to calculate by 26 days instead of 31 days right>?

Can anyone please advise me what to do.

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KL Siew
13/11/2014 15:25:18
In order to get the issue solved, I think you will have to bring the matter up with the local Labour Department and let them look into it. However, your salary is more than RM2000, I am not sure whether the department will take up your case. Anyway, give it a try.
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