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24/10/2014 15:15:13
Re: Employment agreement

Hi Mr Siew,

Glad to see you are here.
As for Sarawak Labor Ordinance, may I know can we draft an agreement to staff whose salary below RM2500 and request them to work for at least one year?

This is because the teenagers now are not serious at all. They just join and resign at the second month after work,the excuse is they have found new job. And it caused lost for company, uniform and training given which actually spend alots of time and money.

Thank you for your kind advice.
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KL Siew
24/10/2014 15:52:31
I am sure you are not the only one facing such a problem of rapid staff turnover. You can have such an agreement with those new employees and many companies are doing that by binding the employees, but I am not sure whether it is really effective. If they want to leave they will still leave and I am sure it is not easing to go through the court process to enforce the contract. I still think having better working environment may be able to holding employees back somewhat.
You can also call at the local Labbour Department and have a chat with the officers there about this.
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29/10/2014 11:31:20
Ok, noted, thanks Mr Siew
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17/11/2014 14:57:01
May i know whether salary advance to staff can be paid by cash?

Secondly, under Sec60E,
And provided further that where an employee absents himself from work without the permission of his employer and without reasonable excuse for more than ten per centum of the working days during the twelve months of continuous service in respect of which his entitlement to such leave accrues he shall not be entitled to such leave.

How to determine working days? should exclude half day for sat, and extra holidays other than 11 Public days?
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