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Serene Hoh
17/07/2014 18:23:04
Re: Define Young Person

I have extracted the below definition from Child & Young Person Act. Could you please assist to elaborate. Thanks.

“young person” means any person who, not being a child, has
not completed his sixteenth year of age.
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KL Siew
18/07/2014 08:53:55
You can say, a child is one who is below the age of 15 and a young person is one aged from 15 to below 18
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Ms Tan
19/08/2014 16:00:57
Dear Mr.Siew,

Is it legal to employ young person aged 14 to work during school holiday?

Pls advise.

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12/09/2014 21:51:17
1. Mr Siew, if I am not mistaken, govt has recently increased the age of child to 15 and young person to 18.

2. Ms Tan, there is no proble for you to employ 14 year of age worker as long as you adhere to the rules stated in Child & Young Person Act.
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