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26/06/2014 11:23:19
Re: payment in liew

Dear Mr.Siew

A manager resigned 24hrs without giving 3 month notice. and he agree to pay 3 mths in lieu and offset his balance annual leave. can we accept this?
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26/06/2014 11:40:38
He not giving proper handover. what can we do?
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26/06/2014 11:43:28
Is he still entitle for the annual leave balance?
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KL Siew
28/06/2014 12:52:32
Surely I don't think his annual leave can cover his 3 months notice. Anyway, consult your boss what he intends to do about the case.

In future, you can ask question at the Forums
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20/07/2018 15:13:52
你好,请问员工的医药费,公司有义务一定全全赔偿的吗?有看到关于compensation act 1952的条规,请问公司真的必须全全负责吗?是员工的疏忽导致另一个员工的意外
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