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Ms Tan
03/06/2014 10:19:59
Re: Replacement Leave☆☆

Good day Mr Siew,

If staff is required to call back for duty on Public Holiday, i.e.Agong's Birthday. How do we compute the replacement leave if the company , is it one day or two day?
Pls advise.

Tks & rgds,
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KL Siew
03/06/2014 15:20:53
I think Agong's birthday falls on Saturday. There will be no replacement. If the worker is required to work, you pay 2 extra days salary.
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Ms Tan
03/06/2014 15:57:25
Good afternoon Mr Siew,

I forgotten to highlight that our company is on 5.5day/week. So, if the staff is required to work full day on Agong's Birthday, so can we compensate 1day replacement leave or 2days?

Kindly advise.

Tks & rgds.
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KL Siew
03/06/2014 16:57:50
If they agree to replacement, it is one day.
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